Thousands of years ago, the Inca tribes of South America kept tabs on the world around them by means of the quipu. It was, in effect, the world's first 'smart device' for documenting events and recording milestones. Now the team behind QuipuTV is pioneering a new approach to broadcasting that brings your events and your milestones to the world, with live, multi-camera, online coverage.

Drawing on over 50 years of BBC television and radio experience, in news, sport, and entertainment, David, Jack, and Mike combine in QuipuTV, knowledge and journalistic rigour with passion and creativity. All three are also massive sports fans.


Head of Business Development


David Holmes is a journalist and specialist in outside broadcast programming. As a former editor of Scotland's most listened-to news programme, he's used to breaking stories and being in the thick of it. As Head of Business Development, he looks for new events and sports for the QuipuTV audience.

Likes: the colour pink

Dislikes: Jack's umpiring


Managing Director & CEO


Jack McGill has a wealth of TV production experience in documentaries, daytime TV, and primetime entertainment. With his expertise in content development, Jack's the creative head of QuipuTV. His focus is the delivery of your event to the highest possible editorial standards.

Likes: the sound of his own voice

Dislikes: changing duvet covers